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No Hands Massage


Allows the body to completely let go of the baggage it carries resulting in a deep sense of freedom in the body and mind. It is a combination of power and sensitivity as the full use of the therapist's body weight through the soft forearm invites the body to melt into a state of total relaxation. After their treatments clients say that they feel taller, lighter, released, pain free, energised, relaxed, loose, confident and completely free.

Totally invigorating and transforming, the deep touch allows the gentle unlocking of the memory within the muscles which store trauma, emotional hurts and injuries which can often build up over many years resulting in dis- ease of the body, mind and emotions.

No hands massage works in harmony with the body to restore health and balance, resulting in a deep sense of freedom within the whole person.

I discovered No Hands Massage about three years and was blown away by the demonstration I saw. The massage was full of energy, movement, power and gentleness and I knew I had to learn how to give clients all of this. Now an Advanced practitioner I love this massage, as a practitioner it feels like a dance choreographed around the most amazing thing ever created, you. I have a secret smile as clients literally radiate their health and wellness, I see their eyes sparkling and they stand so tall and easy, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful this massage is.


Myofascial Release


The fascia is a universal wrapping and organ of support around the body, it interweaves around the muscles,ligaments and tendons. Blood vessels and nerves pass through the fascia. Lack of movement within the fascia due to injury,repetative damage, poor posture or surgery causes restricted mobility within the fascia and symtoms start to occur such as pain.


Myofascial release softens, lenghtens and reorganises kinked and shortened structures. It allows the nerve fibres to be released, circulation to increase which provides vital nutrients to infuse the tissues to begin to repair and rehydrate the damaged area. As a result you feel looser, more flexible and mobile. Exercise and movement is achieved more freely.


Myofascial release is a treatment that can be used for sports injuries just working around the injured area or incorporated into sweedish massage if one area needs a little more attention.


Swedish Massage


A releasing and rejuvenating treatment for the whole body. Gentle sweeping massage lulls the body into deep relaxation where body, mind and emotions can be calmed and soothed.

Gentle massage is used to induce the feeling of well being while deeper, more specific, massage is used to stretch, loosen and tone muscles.


Massage for Pregnancy, Labour and Beyond


During pregnancy your body goes through many changes which alter the natural balance and rythm of both your body and emotions. Massage during this time is one of the safest and most wonderfully soothing experience combining relaxation, gentle stretching and energy rebalancing and is enjoyed by both mum and baby.

The treatment restores calm, focus and a sense of control and self confidence, as well as helping to soothing away the tiredness, swollen legs and aching neck and back which too often come with pregnancy !

And after your baby is born, massage not only gives you time for you but when combined with gentle exercises tones and strengthens the muscles after birth helping your body to regain its shape. A tummy tuck without the surgery !


Massage for Labour Workshops


A specialist workshop for couples, to teach simple but effective massage to use during labour.

This is a must for men who want to make a difference and be involved.

As a midwife so many times I saw Dads to be at a loose end not knowing what to do, these workshops are designed for Dads to give their partner pain relief, aid relaxation and help to control their breathing. You will learn and practice: Simple pain relieving techniques, skills to promote relaxation and breathing, visualisation techniques for both relaxation and energy, tools to help you stay in control and have a positive outcome.

I have seen couples be so together and empowered because they have thought about and prepared for labour using simple tools like massage and visualisation.

The workshops are usually run in small friendly groups but individual couple teaching can be arranged. I can also provide support during labour on the day.


Hopi Ear Candles


An ancient traditional remedy of the Hopi tribe of North American Indians which brings peace and harmony to the soul. During the gentle burning the soothing massage of the eardrum allows pressure to be regulated in the sinuses leaving a feeling of lightness and freedom within the ears and head.

The all natural flax candles used are prepared using the traditional formula of honey beeswax and the therapeutic herbs of camomile, sage and St John's wort. These herbs cleanse and protect the ear canal, soothing irritated areas and boosting the immune system.

I first used this treatment when my daughter had glue ear, at the time she was 4 and really enjoyed the candles as they make a soothing snap, crackle and pop sound, these were highly effective and when her hearing was clinically tested it had improved significantly.

This treatment is particularly useful for relief of symptoms from catarrh, sinusitis, glue ear, colds, flu, sore throats, hayfever, headaches, tinitus, vertigo and pressure caused from flying or diving © 2012 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use