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We believe that the true value of our treatments is shown in the results experienced by you our customer. Here are just a couple of the comments we have received from our customers following their treatments with us


"I was very fortunate to find Deborah during my second pregnancy. I have been treating myself to massage sessions with her over the past 6 months and her healing hands, sympathetic nature and sound advice have been a great tonic. She is a true professional and really knows her stuff. Her client centred attitude and calm, supportive nature have been much appreciated and I spend my time in between the sessions I have booked with her looking forward to the next one. She is able to come and work in our home which is always an added bonus and makes life much easier, especially with a baby already in the house. Thank you Deborah"



"Deborah has an uncanny knack - almost 6th sense - way of tuning in with the body of the person she is treating, which enables her to work out knots, stiffness and other issues that might evade more superficial therapists. I highly recommend her and feel totally relaxed and overhauled after her visits."



"I have known Deborah for many years and she has been treating my long standing back, neck and shoulder problems for around 3 years, during which time my condition has improved considerably. Deborah has extensive knowledge of how the body works, together with an intuition about how the emotional and spiritual affects the wellness of the body. She works tirelessly to promote physical and emotional wholeness. My sessions with her are invaluable to me, in maintaining and enhancing my mobility and helping me work out what other factors are at work in my symptoms. She is a person of high personal integrity, always professional and she genuinely cares for her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah."




“I've been a client of Deborah's for more years than I care to remember and have a massage every fortnight.


Not only is she an excellent masseuse who regularly "dekinks" my body when it gets out of kilter but she is an attentive listener who displays great patience and understanding when I feel the need to unburden myself without ever being judgmental.

The time spent having a massage offers a small period of tranquility and calm in a busy world and Deborah knows her subject inside out showing great knowledge of conventional and alternative medical treatments not confined to use massage.

Just recently my wife has also become a client and Deborah's treatment helps her alleviate the symptoms of her particular illness. She after years of scepticism has come to see the benefits of massage."







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