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At Total Health 4 U I believe that each individual should have the opportunity to feel total wellness in body, mind and emotions. I see the importance of health both as restorative and preventative. I provide an excellent standard of individually focused complimentary therapies to relieve stress and enhance wellbeing.



As a young six year old I knew I wanted to look after people and would be seen playing hospitals with my dolls, kitted out in full nurses uniform. Well that dream came true and I successfully completed my nurse and midwifery training. I spent twelve happy and eventful years learning about health from a medical perspective.

As a community midwife looking after families I began to see there was more than just treating the symptoms in fact it was a whole person approach, mind, body and emotions. I began to explore complementary therapy with the aim to take it into the labour ward however the pathway led into creating my own business.

For the past twelve years I have been training and specialising in massage and complementary therapy, I have seen many people who come for all sorts of different reasons, some to just relax after a busy day others with more specific problems to be treated. Always the impact of the treatment and how they feel about and within themselves goes far wider than the individual touching the lives of their family and work colleagues alike. I believe health in all its entity is the key to having total freedom to be and achieve all that you can be.



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